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Quilting Stamps

If you use these quilting stamps you no longer need to make templates and mark them on the fabric. It works easily, quickly and the lines are always straight!

What do you need when working with quilting stamps:

an ink pad, an acrylic stamp block and a stamp.

How to use these stamps:

You pull the stamp from the plastic and place it with the smooth side on the stamp block. The stamp will remain attached by itself.

Now print the stamp on the ink pad and then print it on the wrong side of the fabric. Are you all done with stamping? Rinse the stamp with water, pat it dry with a piece of kitchen roll and let it dry. Then store it again between the plastic sheets. Use the acrylic block again for the next stamp.

Quilt stamp Hexagons CRP0031


Quilt stamp six-lasting star CRE0084


VersaCraft Ink pad "Black"


Versacraft Ink Pad "Chocolate Brown"


VersaCraft Ink Pad "White"


Stamp block Acrylic 16 x 9 cm


Stamp Block Acrylic 12 x 9 cm


Quilt stamp Stripes CRP0356


Quilt stamp bobbin small CRP0043


Quilt Stamp Eight Pointed Star CREO 154


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